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Proofreading by Proofed Beyond Doubt

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between proofreading and copy-editing?

Q: I have a spell checker on my computer – why do I need to use your services?

Q: Can't I just proofread my document myself?

Q: The document I want proofread is highly confidential. How can I be sure that Proofed Beyond Doubt will respect that confidentiality?

Q: What types of document do you proofread?

Q: Can you accept work from across the UK?

Q: Do you accept work from outside the UK?

Q: I'm concerned about retaining copyright. Should I be?

Q: Do you do translations?

Q: Are you recruiting proofreaders and can I send you my CV/résumé?

Q: I want to self-publish. Do you provide this service too, and can you recommend a printer?

Q: What document formats do you work with?

Q: What types of file can you work with?

Q: Why won't my email go through?

Q: Do you have a virus check facility on your computer system?

Q: Do you work weekends and through holidays?

Q: Is there a minimum number of words or pages that you accept for a job?

Q: How do I check the word count of my document?

Q: Can you answer a question I have that is not in these FAQs?