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About us

Gordon R Hooper (c)2015

Owned and operated by Gordon R. Hooper and based just outside Norwich, Norfolk, Proofed Beyond Doubt is a proofreading business that aims to enhance the effectiveness and presentation of your written communications, be they business, academic or personal.

Gordon is a fully trained professional proofreader, and details of his background and professional experience are as follows:

Background and experience

I have over 30 years of professional experience in technical, management, project management and leadership roles within the UK financial services sector.

I worked in management roles within the branch networks of two major UK banks and then spent eight years in a series of Head Office roles. I am an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB), and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management (ACIM).

I have the following qualifications:
During my professional career, I served on the editorial board of one bank's staff magazine, and regularly authored technical bulletins, systems training guides and procedure manuals.

I have worked with word-processing software since 1982, and have written and self-published a series of three books as well as writing two long-running series of articles for a technical magazine.

Having particularly enjoyed the writing and production areas of my various jobs, I decided to undergo professional training and to start my own business as a freelance proofreader. I subsequently completed the Publishing Training Centre's Basic Proofreading course – achieving a Pass with Merit – giving me a qualification recognised throughout the publishing industry.

I am a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), and as part of my Continuing Professional Development, have completed a number of training courses run by CIEP (formerly SfEP).

I am well-trained in proofreading a wide range of topics for various readerships, and enjoy the challenge of tackling completely new subjects, where being a non-specialist can have its advantages. I will consider all non-scientific subjects, with the exception of fiction or memoirs, although I do have a range of personal specialisms.

I am fully competent in the use of the British Standard Institute proofreading symbols as specified by BS 5261C:2005, and can proofread working with hard copy or directly on screen.

As a trained professional proofreader, I follow the CIEP's Code of Practice which means that you can rely on me to behave in a professional manner and to adhere to the high standards you would expect from a professionally qualified proofreader.

Why are you called Proofed Beyond Doubt?

Isn't that spelt wrongly?

No, it's actually a deliberate – if unsubtle – play on 'Proved Beyond Doubt' but incorporating 'Proof' as in Proofreader.

It's also – ironically – a commonly misused phrase in itself, often appearing in print as, for example, 'it can be proofed beyond doubt that he was there'. Just the type of error, in fact, that a professional proofreader would easily spot ...

And finally, it very neatly encapsulates the kind of quality work that I aspire to deliver. © 2009 Gordon R Hooper